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Silicone Wristbands and Me

Silicone Wristbands and Me I came across silicone wristbands when I was looking for a unique, inexpensive idea for a visual community-building item. I work with troubled youth that have been abused or kicked out of their homes by their family. In our program, we work with these great kids to help them form lasting bonds and friendships and to find mentors in the adults that volunteer with the program.
We were looking for some tangible way to help them have something positive to identify with and that would allow them to feel like they were part of something. We have the kids divided into teams, which allows for stronger bonds to form since the groups are smaller. So, we were looking for some type of team-identifying wearable that would be colorful, stylish, easily identifiable and affordable.
While I was searching online for some fun ideas, I came across 24hourwristbands.com, which offers silicone wristbands in a variety of colors with no minimum order requirements. This worked out great for us since we would need a few different colors for the different teams, and each team only has 5-10 kids and 1 or 2 volunteer advisors.
We let each team choose their own color and find a short inspirational word or saying that we had printed on the silicone wristbands. We even enlisted the kids to help organize the selection and ordering process, which allowed them to feel involved and hone their organizational skills.
The kids love their silicone wristbands and wear them everyday, whether they are at the program center or not. These cute bracelets have helped give them a visual reminder that they are a part of something, while also raising awareness about our community program. These silicone wristbands were a great choice and a cost-effective way to help troubled kids feel like they belong.